Series 1 Costuming By Clan

Since the staff knows everyone may be costuming L5R for the first time, but we still want this to be a costume heavy game. Here are some suggested pieces that will help distinguish you from the other clans in a simple manner.

Crab: Scars: Even the most lowly Yasuki courtier will have grown up with some amount of harsh training in the Crab lands, and any other other family will have had it even worse. A Crab without scars is a rare thing indeed.

Dragon: Tattoos: While the monks of the Togashi orders of the Dragon have mystical tattoos that grant them power, the Dragon in general are found of using pain and art to turn their bodies into symbols and ideals.

Scorpion: Masks: Obviously. Every scorpion wears some sort of mask in public, even if it is a simple strip of cloth across the face.

Lion: Ornaments of War: The Lion push the “it is rude to wear weapons and armor in court” rule to its limits, or outright break it in courts they don’t respect. A ceremonial or ancestral sidearm such as a steel war fan, or minor armor pieces like forearm guards often find their way into courtly settings.

Crane: Silk/Luminous materials: Silk is the domain of the wealthy and cultured. Often it doesn’t matter how you dress as Crane as long as you shimmer a little bit. Just remember, be tasteful. They just kicked the garish Yasuki out after all.

Phoenix: Religous ordonments: Staffs, beads, and the like display a distinct showing of the Phoenix as holy men, even if they are warriors.

Mantis: Exposed skin: The “home team” this arc, the Mantis are known for their sweltering hot provinces and brashness. A MAntis character can get away with showing a little more shoulder, chest or leg.

Series 1 Costuming By Clan

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