Character History Questions

You’ve picked your clan, maybe even your family, know your concept and where you are going to fit the first series set in Kettle Island in the Mantis provinces. Now, there’s just a few details to make sure you didn’t miss so you can get started with confidence!

What is your marital status?

Being unmarried past one early twenties can be seen as a failure or unworthiness on the family. So, unless you have joined the clergy, it’s best to know how the whole “time to get married” talk worked out. If you don’t want to play out family drama at all (or just being single!), being a widower is perfectly acceptable, Rokugan is ruthless world after all. The norm for young heroes is for them to already have a spouse at home and a child to carry on their legacy BEFORE they start performing heroic and possibly suicidal deeds!

Do you know anyone at court?

If this answer is no, better get good at making friends quickly. There is only so much favor to go around! If you need ways into a larger network of characters, ask the ST staff to help you make connections, or bring more players to game that you enjoy playing with!

Why have you been sent to Kyuden Sakoh?

The Mantis have food and mercenaries in great supply, things that every clan needs during the great famine. Were you here to trade and deal with the hosts, like most people, or did your clan send you for another reason? The Mantis have lots of power in this time period but are not well liked, and the central meeting point for so many clans at this court makes it prime for tales of revange as well as political intrigue.

What is your current relationship with your daimyo?

Were you sent here as a punishment? A reward? Are you here to prove yourself, or are you here to do something no one else can do?

Things to think about! You can mail the Lead ST Mitchell Smallman at mitchellsmallman ( at ) and he will be happy to help you with whatever things you need wrapping up, if he isn’t already! :D

Character History Questions

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